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July 22, 2010

Power Chair Inner Tubes

Reader Question: It seems like every month I have pay someone to fix my flat tires on my power chair. What can I do about it? Henry Keith Phoenix, AZ

Answer: There are many reasons why you are getting flat tires. First you have understand the extreme pressure power chair tires are under. Most power chair weight over 150 pounds while unoccupied. With the average combined weight of over 300 pound, a puncture is very possible from something like a loose screw in a entry door’s threshhold. Do a complete audit of your home and yard and look for such hazards. Secondly, if you are spending alot of time outdoors, you may be using the wrong tires. Upgrading to knobby tires will save you money in the long run.

If you are tired of getting flats and want a permanent solution, upgrade to solid rubber tires. The drawback of these tires is you will feel every bump on a rough surface. A recent variation became available which is a solid rubber insert. No air is requred to be placed inside tire.

July 22, 2010

Over Weight Power Chair

Reader Question: My mother is having trouble getting around these days, I am afraid she might fall soon. I recenlt visited a local mobility specialist and I was informed that my mom is too large for a power chair. What should I do? Shelly Greenblatt Chicago, IL

Answer: There are many solutions on the market for plus weight people. Pride mobility, a major power chair manufacturer, has several plus weight models supporting people up to 450 pounds.

Jazzy 1170XL and Jazzy 1170 XL Plus Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchair has larger motors and a longer frame to allow for a 30% increase in torque and a top speed of 6 mph. The XL plus model offers an optional 28 inch wide by 26 inch deep seat.

July 21, 2010

Powerchair Transporting in a SUV

Reader Question: My father is moving into our home next week, how do we get his powerchair into our SUV. Gale Hubbard Norfolk, VA

Answer: Most powerchairs have a manual freewheel level near each motor. Check with your owners manuel on how to disengage the drive motors form the gearboxes. If a lever is tough to move in either direction, slightly rock the power chair back and forth. The lever should
then move to the wanted position. Be care when pushing chair up an incline as the braking system is disengaged and the chair can come racing back at or over you. It is best to have a helper pull chair from with the vehicle while pushing.

July 19, 2010

Power Chair Battery Packs

Selecting the proper battery for a power wheelchair means you ought to evaluate how you use your chair. Then take a look at the characteristics of the different battery packs currently in the market. An inappropriate series can leave you trapped either because the battery pack power was exhausted or because the battery was ineffective to provide the energy required to get around over rough terrain.

The battery is definitely one of the major limiting factors in power wheelchair effectiveness. Suppliers need to design much of the wheelchair around the battery package due to the fact of the unit’s enormous weight and size.

Manufacturers model power wheelchairs for use with deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. They typically use two deep-cycle lead-acid batteries in series, each one providing 12 volts, for a total of 24 volts. The voltage a battery pack is capable to produce describes the electrical push available to drive the motors. Lead-acid batteries are used because they are readily on the market, inexpensive, rechargeable and offered in dimensions appropriate for the energy specifications and range specifications of power wheelchairs.

January 20, 2009

Jazzy Select by Pride Mobility

The highly maneuverable Jazzy Select® delivers the advantages of in-line motor technology for enhanced efficiency, torque, range, and performance. Plus, it’s loaded with performance and convenience features, like standard Active-Trac® Suspension, that make it as easy to enjoy as it is to use.

The Jazzy has a weight capacity up to 300 pounds. It can reach a top speed of 4 miles per hour. One nice fact about the Jazzy Select is that it has the Active-Trac® Suspension system. The drive train consist of two-motors that are in-line. A nice feature the select offers is Intelligent braking. When you stop, it uses electronic regenerative braking. The power can put out 40 amps.

Here are some of the options available for the Select.

  • Depth-adjustable seat provides fast, simple
  • adjustment for enhanced, personalized comfort
  • High-back seat with headrest
  • High-back seat with solid seat pan
  • Cup holder
  • Weather cover
  • Rear basket
  • Oxygen tank holder
  • Cane/crutch holder

The Jazzy Select is protected by a 5 year limited warranty for the frame. 1 Year for the electronics. and 1 Year for the drive motors. One last bit of information, the Select only comes in two colors red and blue.