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July 22, 2010

Power Chair Inner Tubes

Reader Question: It seems like every month I have pay someone to fix my flat tires on my power chair. What can I do about it? Henry Keith Phoenix, AZ

Answer: There are many reasons why you are getting flat tires. First you have understand the extreme pressure power chair tires are under. Most power chair weight over 150 pounds while unoccupied. With the average combined weight of over 300 pound, a puncture is very possible from something like a loose screw in a entry door’s threshhold. Do a complete audit of your home and yard and look for such hazards. Secondly, if you are spending alot of time outdoors, you may be using the wrong tires. Upgrading to knobby tires will save you money in the long run.

If you are tired of getting flats and want a permanent solution, upgrade to solid rubber tires. The drawback of these tires is you will feel every bump on a rough surface. A recent variation became available which is a solid rubber insert. No air is requred to be placed inside tire.

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