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July 19, 2010

Power Chair Battery Packs

Selecting the proper battery for a power wheelchair means you ought to evaluate how you use your chair. Then take a look at the characteristics of the different battery packs currently in the market. An inappropriate series can leave you trapped either because the battery pack power was exhausted or because the battery was ineffective to provide the energy required to get around over rough terrain.

The battery is definitely one of the major limiting factors in power wheelchair effectiveness. Suppliers need to design much of the wheelchair around the battery package due to the fact of the unit’s enormous weight and size.

Manufacturers model power wheelchairs for use with deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. They typically use two deep-cycle lead-acid batteries in series, each one providing 12 volts, for a total of 24 volts. The voltage a battery pack is capable to produce describes the electrical push available to drive the motors. Lead-acid batteries are used because they are readily on the market, inexpensive, rechargeable and offered in dimensions appropriate for the energy specifications and range specifications of power wheelchairs.

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